EV Watchdog App for Android™

Frequently Asked Questions:

 01. What do I need to run this App?
 02. Which OBD2 adapter should I get and where from?
 03. Where do I find this OBD2 port?
 04. Should I get a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth OBD2 adapter?
 05. How do I setup this App?
 06. I've been using the free App, can I get all the data into the payed App (Premium Version)?
 07. Have a new phone how do I transfer data from the old one?
 08. How do I start sendind data to the website? (Premium Version Only)
 09. I'm using an adapter listed as supported but I'm still having connection issues...
 10. Would it be OK to split the OBD2 port with a T-Adapter?...
 11. Got it running but don't understand all this screens...
 12. Why the speed differs from the one displayed on the dashboard?
 13. Why is the range estimation differs from the one displayed on the dashboard computer?
 14. Why is the electric consumption differs fron the one displayed on the dashboard computer?
 15. Why am I seeing some current flowing out when I'm not pressing the accelerator pedal?
 16. Just stopped Live Data, what know? (Trips List)
 17. Does the App generates any files? If so what and where?
 18. Why were the stats zeroed when I resumed driving after a stop?
 19. What's the meaning of all these colored cards in the Battery Condition and Trip Lists?
 20. Why can't I see new cards in the Battery Condition List?
 21. What's the meaning of the SoH?
 22. How's the Battery Capacity measured?
 23. What's the meaning of SoC?
 24. What's the meaning of BMS?
 25. Why the SoC in the Battery Screen lower than the SoC inside the Battery icon in the Main Screen?